How to Make More Time for Writing (Even if you're Really Busy)

How to Make More Time for Writing (Even if you’re Really Busy)

In a perfect world, you’d wake up in the early hours of the morning in your clean, well-lit apartment, a mild breeze blowing through the windows as your butler served up breakfast and read your notes from yesterday’s three-hour writing workshop.

You’d slide into your robe and sip Irish breakfast tea as you contemplated the completion of your third novel, sighing a happy sigh of relief.

Oh, sorry—that’s just my perfect world.

Back to real life: you’re busy. Really busy. You’ve got freelance gigs or a full-time job, bills to pay, a body to keep in shape, pets, needy friends, a messy kitchen counter, etc.

Writing isn’t easy, and it gets harder when your schedule fills up with the chaos of daily life. Sometimes it feels impossible to sit down and get some work done—but you know you have to. Today we’re going to demystify a few ways super busy people get a ton of writing done, even when it feels impossible to stretch the clock any further.

I promise: you can do this! It just takes a fresh reality check, some planning, and perhaps a few apps.


Vietnam Has Everything - Digital Nomad Diary - 001

Digital Nomad Diary: Vietnam Has Everything

The following is a guest post from writer & graphic designer Maria Gotay. Maria quit her job and is backpacking across Southeast Asia, documenting the journey for DJO.

Vietnam has everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I encountered it all on my month traversing the entire country by foot, bus, boat, train, and motorcycle.

As the epic journey fades in the rear view of my memory, however, I’m glazing over the trying parts of the trip and coming to savor the things that make this country so very unique, and why every curious traveler should put it on their bucket list.

So whether you’re a foodie, nature fanatic, culture buff, adrenaline junkie, or people lover, you’ll find these elements harmoniously abundant in Vietnam.