How To Fall In Love With Writing Again - Day Job Optional - Michelle Christina Larsen

How To Fall In Love With Writing Again

Don’t judge me, but… my laptop is totally going to be my Valentine this year.

*slow jam plays*

Yep, I’ll be spending February 14th rattling off New York Fashion Week show reviews and sipping from the endless coffee supply I stocked up on before the snow storm hit New York this week.

The countdown to what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year had me thinking about the up’s and down’s of love. Then, because I’m just a huge nerd, I started to draw parallels between love for writing and love for …human-folk.

So, let me ask you something.

Is being a writer really what you thought it would be?

Your visions of scrawling cutting edge articles, style tips for glossies, stories about your travels, breathtaking fiction or the wittiest copy on the planet…

…how’s that all panning out?

If you’re knee-deep in writing career bliss right now, I am sending you a giant high-five through the screen (go ahead and high-five your screen to receive it, just don’t drop your phone or knock your monitor over).  That is AWESOME.

If you’ve begun to feel a sort of anti-love toward writing, you’re not alone.

Whatever stage you’re at, I’m willing to bet you still struggling with the occasional OMG-don’t-make-me-write kind of day and occasional tell-the-client-I-was-hit-by-a-bus afternoon.

Even when you’re writing for yourself, it can feel like such an emotionally draining chore when the muse is off being an elusive heart breaker somewhere.

Is that not ridiculously similar to human love?

Oh yes, it is.

Let me give it to you straight…

I’ve spent days excitedly drafting copy for my favorite brands, afternoons writing bizarre fiction for fun, and nights sobbing in front of Microsoft Word because I had no idea where my career was headed. Plus, every kind of crazy in between!

Been there, done that.

BUT! Writing is something I always come back to.

It rejects me, it accepts me, it amazes me. And like the most star-crossed soulmate, it always finds a way to draw me back in.

And after freelance writing for almost eight years, I know a thing or two about falling in and out of love with my craft. If you’ve recently fallen OUT of love with your writing, I have some tried-and-true tips on rekindling the flame.

Break out the wine glasses and keep reading, sugar!