How Not To Write Your Resume - Day Job Optional - Freelance Writing Tips

It’s 2019: Stop Making these Mistakes on Your Resume

Be honest: When was the last time you dusted off that outdated resume? And do you really think you need one as a freelancer?

(The answer to that is, yes, you do… sometimes.)

You may be getting work through cold calling, Upwork, or other methods, where resumes never come up in conversation. Or, if you’re a little more experienced in the freelance game, you may treat your services as business offerings.

Once again, during a B2B conversation, no one asks for a resume.

Maybe this is why so many freelancers are guilty of not keeping our resumes up to date!

And I’m going to be real with you: I don’t even bother looking at mine unless I’m considering corporate freelance gigs, more traditional remote jobs, or other special projects.

But hey—why not be prepared?

A properly groomed resume sitting on your hard drive will ensure you’re ready for whatever opportunity may pop up.

Unfortunately, resumes have this unique potential to be the most awkwardly mistreated document one ever encounters in their professional career.

If you’ve ever hired for a job, you know what I’m talking about. On the whole, they’re bad. Most people have no idea how to represent themselves on paper. And this isn’t surprising, because most of the advice out there on resumes is pretty misleading.

You’re a writer, though, so you’ve gotta get it together on this one.

Since it’s so hard to find solid advice on creating a non-crappy resume, we put together a helpful, no-BS guide for you to follow.

Dive in and learn how not to write your resume in 2018 (and beyond).