Feel More Confident On The Phone

Dreading Your Next Client Call? Here are 6 Tips To Feel More Confident On The Phone

It’s 2:45 PM. An alarm on your phone goes off. It’s a reminder for your client call at 3:00.

You feel that familiar pang of “ugh” in your gut. A tinge of anxiety. An urge to find some excuse to reschedule, or better yet, just cancel!

At 2:59, your heart is racing. You start doubting yourself.

Will you be able to answer their questions? Will they hear that you’re nervous, or somehow uncover the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing? Will they hang up when you name your rate? What is your rate anyway?

Then, the phone rings.


This scenario might make you feel like the only noob writer in the world who can’t handle phone calls like a boss, but don’t be hard on yourself.

Many freelancers feel this way when they’re starting out. In fact, even outside of a professional setting, most of us prefer texting to getting on the phone these days. It’s not just you.

Unfortunately, even in our plz-text-don’t-call society, getting clients on the phone is as important as ever. It’s one of my most reliable strategies for closing the deal once I’ve done the initial outreach via email.

Recently a member of our community, Amanda, asked us how to shake the phone call dread.

I used to feel this way myself, so I wanted to share some tips I’ve personally used for overcoming these nasty feels—and the unprofessional vibe they emit.

If you’d rather feel calm and collected than like a frantic rookie on client calls, check them out below. By the time you’re done with this blog post, you may actually be looking forward to your next call!