Get Repeat Work From Writing Clients - Freelance Writing Tips

Lock in Repeat Work from Clients by Using These 7 Tactics

The key to a successful freelance writing career is a steady stream of work. The mystery many of us face, however, is how to ensure that work keeps coming down the pipe.

The secret? You have to figure out how to get repeat work from writing clients instead of letting the relationship fizzle after the invoice is paid.

One approach to this is keeping your clients really happy.

The truth is, pro writers don’t wake up each morning and scramble for new collaborations. They nurture existing relationships so they continue to receive work. A happy client will naturally be inclined to work with you more than once.

And even if a client doesn’t rehire you immediately, they’ll have you top of mind when they need a writer again! It’s a win-win.

While many freelancers focus on being in hustle mode they overlook this important long-term strategy for repeat work. Don’t make that same mistake.

Here are our top 7 tips for getting that reliable repeat work from clients.


What To Include In Your Freelance Writer Website

Here’s EVERYTHING Your Freelance Writing Website Needs

Do you really need a freelance writer website? We’re going with a resounding “yes” on this one.

Some writers will argue that a website isn’t necessary. While it’s technically possible to “hack” your way to landing clients without a portfolio or web presence, treat that scenario as the exception—not the norm.

And hey, why not have a place online where your name, niche, and services are on display for potential clients? A good website is the equivalent of a 24/7 marketing machine that can produce leads for you in your sleep.

I’m slightly burnt out on the buzz around shortcuts and hacks in the freelance writing space as a whole, so let’s talk about doing things the right way from the very beginning, shall we?

Let’s start with the facts. A solid website is a great way to build your online presence from the ground up. It’s actually one of the best ways.

We website is something you control completely, which helps you build credibility and traffic over time. You’re in charge of its content, its keywords, and even the kinds of clients it sends your way.

Social media might seem like an easier way to network and build street cred, but make no mistake: relying on social alone is a bad idea.

Your website is yours. Social platforms are owned by big companies that can disappear overnight (along with your following), ban your account, or other scary things.

So, a website is a good thing. Agreed?

Let’s dive in and cover all of the bases—and examples—of a complete freelance writer website.