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Aaand we’re live! Welcome to Day Job Optional!

We’re Michelle Christina and Krystal: freelance writers with a passion for the location-independent lifestyle.

We’ve taken advantage of our online writing careers to travel the world, set our own schedules, and live life on our own terms—and now we’re passionate about helping other writers do the same. You’ll typically find us wherever there’s Wi-Fi, palm trees, and margaritas… but at the end of the day, we call New York City our home!

We created this website to share our experiences with you, as well as our tried-and-true tips for remote working as we navigate the location-free lifestyle. We truly believe that anyone with a passion for writing and a laptop can launch a lucrative online career by putting in strategic, consistent work.

The blog posts and other things you’ll find on this site are meant both for people who want to work from their couches (or a cool local coffee shop), and those who are aching to go full blown digital nomad. If you want to keep your day job and make a few extra thousand on the side each month? We’re here for you, too.

After all, it’s “day job optional“, friends!

If this sounds exciting, keep reading.

Where to start

Start off on our top nav, where you can learn more about us, including what qualifies us to give you advice in the first place *wink wink*.

Next, sign up for our newsletter. It’s packed tips and resources for freelance writers striving to make a full-time income and transform their lifestyles.

Be sure to join our free Facebook group, the Wi-Fi Writers Club, to connect with fellow writers, ask questions, and share your work. Being a writer can be a little bit lonely sometimes, so we made that group to give our community a place to connect. We hang out there, too!

You’ll definitely want to subscribe to our Day Job Optional YouTube channel, where you can watch us experience the freelance writer life in our vlogs, drop essential writing career tips, and plenty more.

Finally, dive right in! We’ve split our content into two main categories: LAUNCH your freelance writing career and GROW your freelance writing career. Each section is packed with articles, updated weekly, to help you with your specific goals.

Want to reach us?

If you need to get in touch, don’t hesitate! Send questions, comments, or love letters to aloha@dayjoboptional, and we’ll get back at you as soon as we can.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy DJO’s content, courses, and community.

Stay creative, and remember: your day job is optional.


Michelle Christina & Krystal

Michelle Christina Larsen is the Co-founder of Day Job Optional. Strong coffee, strong wi-fi, and absurd inside jokes are some of her favorite things. While a self-proclaimed side project addict, writing remains the ultimate focus of her life. After a decade of freelance writing in the fashion industry, she's teaching fellow freelancers how to dominate their niches and make full-time incomes online.

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