Launch Your Freelance Career With No Experience

Episode 2 is a big one, babes! It’s all about launching a freelance career and getting those first clients when you have little or no experience.

The paradox many new writers believe is that if they’ve never written professionally, no one will hire them… thus, they’ll never get writing experience.

So how do you launch your freelance career with no experience?

While there’s no “magic switch” to turn you into a freelance writer overnight, if you’re willing to hustle and put in the effort, you can land your first freelance writing gigs sooner than you think.

Seriously, though. You can do it!

We broke down exactly how in this week’s episode, so jump below and click play!

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Show notes:

Website building resources

Freelance job seeking resources

Side note! Show notes are typically lists of links and tools we mentioned during the episode.

That means show notes don’t even scratch the surface of the actual episode, so be sure to tune in.


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